Panda looking very cute

Edinburgh Zoo Will Bring Out The Animal In You

Wild about Scotland? If you’re enjoying the perfect Scottish break, get in touch with Scotland’s wild side at Edinburgh Zoo. With daily talks and a variety of restaurants and facilities, it’s th


Edinburgh Castle

10 Fun Facts About Edinburgh Castle

If you’re on a mission to discover the wonders of Edinburgh, no trip is complete without a tour of the city’s beloved Edinburgh Castle. For centuries, battles and sieges were fought over it, royal


Sean Connery

Famous Edinburgh – Your Guide To The Stars Of Our City

From the breath-taking Edinburgh Castle and Princess Street Gardens, to the luxurious Edinburgh hotels and famous Edinburgh pubs, Scotland’s artistic and historic capital is a star in its own right.


Christmas decorations

All I Want For Christmas In Edinburgh…

Famed for its festive festivals, bright twinkly lights, picturesque Edinburgh hotels and jolly good Christmas spirit, Christmas in Edinburgh is an event all in itself. Against the backdrop of a glitte


Discover Edinburgh at Parliament House Hotel

Over the Calton Hill: Things To Do In Edinburgh

If you’re visiting Scotland’s captivating capital and looking for things to do in Edinburgh, why not take a leisurely walk up Calton Hill? Famous for its historical monuments, breath-taking views


Firth of Forth with warships on it in World War 2

Scotland At War: Edinburgh During World War Two

From the moment Germany invaded Poland and Britain and France declared war, Edinburgh prepared for a Scotland at war. With its many factories, coal mines, engineering works and shipyards, Scotland was


Edinburgh old town

Who, What, When, Where and How? Your Quick Guide to Edinburgh

From the history-soaked medieval tenements of Old Town, to the sweeping elegance of the Georgian New Town, Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Its many historic sites, fantasti


St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh City

How Visiting Edinburgh On A Budget Pays Off

No matter your destination, travelling isn’t cheap. From travel basics like flights, accommodation and food, to holiday expenses like sights, tours and souvenirs, holidays can cost a pretty penny.


Cobweb cross gravestone and ghost walking down the stairs

Haunted Edinburgh – A City Possessed

With Halloween on the horizon, scores of people flock to haunted Edinburgh in search of all things ghostly and ghoulish. With over 375 paranormal sightings in the last 20 years and chilling ghost tour


Harry Potter Castle

Bewitching Edinburgh City Breaks

After debunking the Greyfrair Bobby myth, we took a closer look at one of Edinburgh’s best kept literary secrets. Famed for its history and enchanting architecture, Edinburgh is also the inspiration


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